Crocodile Solutions, Inc. Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Crocodile Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce the 20th Anniversary of its founding. Crocodile Solutions, Inc., founded in May of 2000 in Winston Salem, NC, is a major software provider to the legal field. They are committed to helping law firms become more profitable through their innovative cloud-based solution Wings and in-house server-based solution DISABILITY SPECIALIST®. Their legal software solutions are system and hardware agnostic; so no matter what you prefer – PC or Apple, laptop, tablet or mobile, they have you covered.

DISABILITY SPECIALIST ®, their first software program, was introduced at the NOSSCR convention in Las Vegas in 2001.  The software was tailored to those practicing Social Security Disability.  That same year Case Partner ® was introduced which was focused on Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, and Veterans Law.  In later years these two programs were integrated into a single program that formed the basis of Wings.

Crocodile Solutions has a reputation of being ahead of the competition in many ways and one of those was by offering a cloud-based solution as early as 2011. Wings is the number one cloud-based legal case and practice management software program available on the market. During these unprecedented times, cloud and web-based solutions are the only way to keep your law practice up and running.

Throughout their history, they have developed and introduced many innovations. These include:

  • The ability to log into the SSA website directly from the software
  • The ability to create custom documents and SSA forms that allows claimant’s data to be populated into them
  • A Task and Reminder system that includes pop-up reminders for more urgent reminders
  • Over 100 Reports to track every level of a claimant’s case as well as general reports about the firm and individual attorneys in the firm + a Report Wizard for clients to create their own custom reports
  • A Veterans law module for clients who practice Veterans law
  • An instant messaging feature (Chat) for staff communication within the firm
  • Automations that notify claimants of results at the various levels of appeal via email and text message
  • A Client Portal so that claimants can access the status of their case and also allows two-way messaging between claimants and the firm
  • Integrations with other companies; including Disability Planners, ReleasePoint, Atlasware, Law Ruler, Leading Response, Twilio, and others
  • The ability to send mobile Text messages directly from within the software

Creating more ways for their clients to save time and earn more money is provided by Crocodile Solutions, Inc.’s with Wings; it’s comprehensive Case & Practice Management Software.


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