Wings® Simplifies Case Management.

Wings Case Management was specifically created for legal practices involving large amounts of documentation, frequent filings and efforts to win the best financial outcomes for clients.
Case Notes
  • Easily track and share important notes and details of your cases.
  • Take notes from your tablet. No need to carry around a laptop.
Form Completion
  • Intuitive file organization allows you to find what you need fast.
  • Move documents, files, and medical records with our drag and drop feature.
Task Management
  • Plan, manage, and track all your teams’ tasks in one place.

Simple to Use. Easy to Navigate.

Simplified Communication

  • Enhanced team communication with internal chat
  • Send & receive text messages with clients
  • Automated emails with clients
    Interactive client portal
    Exceptional client services with efficient software features in real-time

Seamless Document Management

  • Easy document creation
  • Automated document population
  • Comprehensive file management system gives instant access
  • Dynamic customization of standard forms and templates

Innovative Reporting & Tracking

  • Calendar integrations to monitor deadlines and scheduling
  • Bird’s eye view of case status, hearings, appeals, and more
  • Process tracking to keep things moving without missing deadlines
  • Built-in reports plus a Report Wizard for easy custom reports

Automations & Integration Options

  • ReleasePoint – Outlook
  • Leading Response – Law Ruler
  • Legal Conversions – Atlasware
  • Quickbooks and more

User-Friendly Operation

  • Accelerate growth and increase revenue with Wings Handshake
  • 24/7 cloud CMS software access
  • Drag, drop & save documents from your desktop to view immediately
  • Easy migration of existing data
  • Free initial training
  • Use on any device, anywhere
  • MAC & iPad compatibility

Technology & Security

  • 24-hour surveillance
    Biometrically locked servers
  • Complete HIPAA compliance
  • Secure cloud SSL encryption and compliance
  • Managed servers, software upgrades, and backups in a secure U.S. based ISO/IEC 27001 Data Center

Who Can Benefit from Wings?

Any firm that wants to save time and expenses, increase revenue and simplify workloads. Firms like these.

Paul Baker had attorneys working on files at all hours, often from home offices. Find out how Wings made it happen.
Premier Disability needed to automate filings to move more cases, faster. Find out how Wings made it happen.

Tired of:

  • Redundant Data Entry?
  • Stacks and Stacks of File Boxes?
  • Losing Important Documents?
  • Papers & Files on Your Desk?

Get More Productive & Efficient with Wings

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