Crocodile Solutions, Inc. Another First in Innovation

Crocodile Solutions, Inc. is delivering a new feature within its comprehensive Case & Practice Management software DISABILITY SPECIALIST ® to a top-level Social Security disability, Veterans Law, Personal Injury, and Workers’ Compensation law firm; Tabak Law, a nationwide law firm located in Wisconsin.

When Tabak Law learned we were adding the ability to both send and receive a text within our Cloud Based software Wings, they asked us to create a custom version for our server-based software DISABILITY SPECIALIST® which they are currently using in their successful and renowned practice.  Alex Eichorn, a partner at Tabak Law informed us that contacting clients via text generated a much higher response than from email. This client behavior was duly noted and typical of Tabak Law they immediately wanted to add this ability to our DISABILITY SPECIALIST® software in order to better serve their clients.

Tabak Law is one of our many DISABILITY SPECIALIST® users who depend on our software to manage their practice thereby saving time and money and offering a higher level of service to their clients.  Crocodile Solutions has 20 years of constant innovation to offer a competitive edge for our clients.

This new “text” feature will provide clients with a higher level of service and ensure clients are given their top priority. This new software app will allow Wings and DISABILITY SPECIALIST® users to offer their Social Security Disability, and other disability clients a superior level of service and give a competitive advantage to Tabak Law.

Crocodile Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2000 in North Carolina and is a major software provider to the legal field with their cloud-based solution Wings or in-house server-based DISABILITY SPECIALIST® software solutions.  Our commitment is to help law firms become more profitable through innovative solutions that greatly enhance their efficiency.   With our legal software solutions; mobile, tablet, PC, or Apple, we have you covered.

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