Crocodile Solutions, Inc. & Tabak & Law Ruler

Creating more ways for our clients to save time and earn more money is provided by Crocodile Solutions, Inc.’s with its comprehensive Case & Practice Management Software DISABILITY SPECIALIST®.  Working with Law Ruler, a firm that develops leads and handles the Initial Intake of Social Security Disability cases, we have teamed up to provide our client Tabak Law with the ability to automate the transfer of claimant files at the Intake level into our DISABILITY SPECIALIST® software.

Crocodile Solutions is delivering this new feature to a top-level Social Security disability, Veterans Law, Personal Injury, and Workers’ Compensation law firm; Tabak Law, a nationwide law firm located in Wisconsin.  Tabak Law is one of our many DISABILITY SPECIALIST® clients who will now be able to automatically transfer their eligible claimant files automatically thereby saving time and money.

Our software application will automatically move Claimant files directly to Tabak Law without any manual assistance. This process will provide their clients with a higher level of service and ensure their clients are given their top priority. This new software app will allow Wings and DISABILITY SPECIALIST® users to offer their Social Security Disability clients a superior level of service and give a competitive advantage to Tabak Law.

Crocodile Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2000 in North Carolina and is a major software provider to the legal field with their cloud-based solution Wings or in-house server-based DISABILITY SPECIALIST® software solutions.  Our commitment is to help law firms become more profitable through innovative solutions that greatly enhance their efficiency.   With our legal software solutions; mobile, tablet, PC, or Apple, we have you covered.

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