Missing notes? An Interesting Story

I had a client call last week telling me that his staff said he was not adding notes to client files. He was preparing a fee protest and knew he had added notes for the client, however when he went to the file the note entries were not there. After he finished explaining what was happening I knew exactly what was going on.

Together we logged into his database and he showed me the client’s file he was working 0n.  He looked up and down and could not find the missing entries. I then asked him to look at the top left corner of the Notes form for the drop list that said “Weekly”. I then asked him to click on the drop list and select “All”.  Suddenly by magic his missing files appeared. I explained that he was not missing notes but that he was only seeing a week’s worth of note entries.

If this has ever happened to you, please remember we have set your Notes to default to show only a week’s worth of entries to save time loading the information. As many of you know, SSA claims can take many years to get a result. If we were to set the notes to load “All” entries this window could take seconds longer to open.  You always have the option to see “All” whenever you want.

I hope this amusing tale helps you out if your notes ever go “missing”.



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