Crocodile Solutions Releases New Version of Wings

Crocodile Solutions, Inc. has released the newest version of their Wings cloud-based legal case management software which unveils an updated sleek new look for the Report Wizard.  With this version of Wings clients will experience enhanced capabilities and easy-to-navigate screens for the Report Wizard.  Added are advanced filtering and sorting capabilities to an expansive list of fields on which you can generate reports from across your database files.

Crocodile Solutions’ Wings nationally recognized cloud-based legal case and practice management and electronic file management software suite is always one step ahead, leading to greater success for the leaders in the legal field.  Easy to get started, easy to use, support when you need it.

Crocodile Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2000 in North Carolina and remains a major software provider to the legal field with their web-based solution (Wings) or in-house server-based (DISABILITY SPECIALIST ® and Case Partner®) software programs.  Our commitment is to help law firms become more profitable through innovative solutions that greatly enhance their efficiency.   With our legal software solutions; mobile, tablet, PC, or Apple, we have you covered.

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