Tabak Law Firm Case Study


Tabak Law Firm Case Study


Tabak Law came to us to solve a series of problems. The pandemic’s effect put an additional strain on Tabak Law’s servers as their staff became more reliant on remote access. Excess log-ones were one of the primary generators of this activity.  Tabak also needed to add additional automation functions and integrations.


With Wings the server issue was immediately resolved due to our dedicated and secure servers were more than up to the task of handling high volume transactions.  Additionally, Wings offered a much higher level of security than what could be provided in-house at Tabak.

Offering solutions such as Law Ruler, a leads generating program, helped the firm increase its prospects The Disability Planners program enabled social security clients to obtain supplemental Medicare after winning their claim.  Finally, Release Point helped collect medical records while safeguarding sensitive information.  Along with adding a Texting feature, Email Automation, our Client Portal and the Report Wizard gave them the ability to save time and earn more.


Social Security, Veterans Law and Workers’ Compensation



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