Crocodile Solutions’ Legal Case Management Software and Atlasware have teamed up with Tabak Law, LLC

Crocodile Solutions, Inc.’s nationally recognized Case Management software is again bringing major innovation to the legal software field! We are pleased to announce this new feature in all three Crocodile Solutions software programs, Wings, Disability Specialist®, and Case Partner®.

Clients have been asking, “how can we move our scanned documents directly into a client’s file?”, and now we have the answer. Our software programs will automatically move scanned documents directly into a client’s file without any manual assistance and the software will notify the appropriate attorney or case manager that the new documents are available.

Crocodile Solutions’ clients will be able to automatically upload and update all their client’s scanned documents directly into the individual client’s file folder. This exciting and money-making feature is available immediately, offering a terrific benefit to our valued clients.

This is a follow-up to a previous announcement in February 2017 about the integration of Atlasware and Crocodile Solutions software programs.



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