Crocodile Solutions, Inc. Releases Newest Version of Wings

Crocodile Solutions, Inc. has released the newest version of their Wings cloud-based software which unveils an updated sleek, streamlined appearance. With this version of Wings clients will experience brighter colors, bold buttons, and easy-to-navigate screens with enhanced directional cues.

We would like to highlight a few of the updates which you will see in Wings

In addition to the updated appearance, this version of Wings also boasts additional user control features for an enhanced level of security. Now our clients have the ability to set roles for each user within the office with the option to restrict visibility to only the claimant files in which they are the assigned attorney. This added feature is especially beneficial for those clients who may have a temporary staff or contract attorneys working out-of-area cases.

Crocodile Solutions’ Wings nationally recognized cloud-based case and practice management and electronic file management software suite is always one step ahead, leading to greater success for the leaders in the legal field.

Crocodile Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2000 in North Carolina and remains a major software provider to the legal field with their web-based solution (Wings) or in-house server-based (DISABILITY SPECIALIST® and Case Partner®) software programs. Our commitment is to help law firms become more profitable through innovative solutions that greatly enhance their efficiency. With our legal software solutions; mobile, tablet, PC, or Apple, we have you covered.



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