Crocodile Solutions, Inc and ReleasePoint Medical Records Integration

Crocodile Solutions, Inc. with its Case & Practice Management Software and ReleasePoint’s medical records retrieval services have teamed up to make a major improvement in how medical records are handled in the legal field!

Both companies are pleased to announce the full integration of ReleasePoint’s automated medical records retrieval process with Crocodile Solutions’ nationally recognized case and practice management and electronic file management software suite (Disability Specialist® and Wings). Both firms are two of the most successful and trusted brands in the legal field. Both are leaders in product and process innovation in their respective fields, allowing them to continue business expansion in the coming years.

Crocodile Solutions, Inc.’s software users will be able to automatically download and update all of the medical record files obtained and provided by ReleasePoint’s program and move them directly into the individual claimants’ file folder without any manual assistance. In addition, the software will notify the appropriate attorney or case manager that the new files are available. This exciting and profit-generating feature is available immediately, offering a terrific benefit to ReleasePoint and Crocodile Solutions’ Disability Specialist® and Wings users.

About Crocodile Solutions, Inc.

Crocodile Solutions, Inc. is owned by Leonard Caldwell and was founded in May of 2000, and has been offering software legal software solutions for over 17 years to help law firms become more profitable through innovative solutions that greatly enhance their efficiency. With our legal software solutions; mobile, tablet, PC, or Apple, we have you covered. We offer both web-based software solutions (Wings) as well as in-house server (Disability Specialist® and Case Partner® ) solutions for our clients.


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